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WidgetMessage: tm-navigate

 5th July 2021 at 9:49am

The tm-navigate message inserts the specified tiddler into the story and puts it at the top of the history stack. If the tiddler is not already present in the story then it will be positioned immediately after the tiddler specified in event.navigateFromTitle.

The navigate message requires the following properties on the event object:

navigateToTitle of the tiddler that is being navigated
navigateFromTitleTitle of the tiddler from which the navigation was initiated
navigateFromClientRectBounding rectangle in client page coordinates of the element initiating the navigation
navigateFromClientTop Y coordinate of top edge of bounding client rectangle
navigateFromClientLeft X coordinate of left edge of bounding client rectangle
navigateFromClientWidth Width of bounding client rectangle
navigateFromClientRight X coordinate of right edge of bounding client rectangle
navigateFromClientBottom Y coordinate of bottom edge of bounding client rectangle
navigateFromClientHeight Height of bounding client rectangle
navigateSuppressNavigationtrue causes the new tiddler to only be added to the story, and not the history stack. This suppresses the scrolling associated with navigating to a tiddler

The navigate message can be generated by the LinkWidget, the ActionNavigateWidget and the ButtonWidget, and is handled by the NavigatorWidget.