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WidgetMessage: tm-relink-tiddler

 19th February 2022 at 9:37am

Introduced in v5.2.2 The tm-relink-tiddler message relinks a tiddler by deleting it and recreating it with a new title. Unlike the WidgetMessage: tm-rename-tiddler message, this message does not rename the tiddler, it just relinks the references to it.

The relink tiddler message requires the following properties on the event object:

fromCurrent title of tiddler
toNew title of tiddler
renameInTagsOptional value "no" to disable renaming in tags fields of other tiddlers (defaults to "yes")
renameInListsOptional value "no" to disable renaming in list fields of other tiddlers (defaults to "yes")

The relink tiddler message is usually generated with the ButtonWidget and is handled by the core.


To relink Tiddler1 to Tiddler2 in tags and list fields of other tiddlers:

<$action-sendmessage $message="tm-relink-tiddler" from="Tiddler1" to="Tiddler2" />