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20th April 2015 at 12:45pm

Here are the details of recent releases of TiddlyWiki5. See TiddlyWiki5 Versioning for details of how releases are named.

(BetaReleases and AlphaReleases are listed separately).

Release 5.1.14

Released 26th April 2017 at 17:00

See GitHub for detailed change history of this release

New and Improved Plugins

Improved Support for Drag and Drop

There are several improvements to Drag and Drop:

  • Ability to rearrange the "Open" sidebar panel and the tag dropdown (and new tiddlers can be opened by dragging them to the list)
  • Ability to reorder entries in tag dropdowns
  • Dragging a tag pill is now equivalent to dragging all of the tagged tiddlers together
  • Entries in the control panel "Appearance"/"Toolbars" tab can be reordered by drag and drop
  • The image shown while dragging now reflects the dragged item, instead of being a generic drag pill

New "Heavier" Theme

A new theme called "Heavier" thickens TiddlyWiki's default lightweight fonts. A variant "Tight-Heavier" combines the "Heavier" theme with the existing "Tight" theme:

New Tiddler Manager

Added new tiddler manager to support tasks such as:

  • Reviewing and applying tags to a large number of tiddlers
  • Tweaking the custom colours and icons for a large number of tiddlers

The tiddler manager will be extended in the future to increase flexibility and to add support for bulk operations.

Performance Improvements

  • Extended search mechanism to require the search string to be a minimum length

Translation Improvements

  • Improvements to Danish, Dutch, French, German, Portuguese and Chinese translations
  • Added new Hebrew translation
  • Added preliminary support for right-to-left (RTL) languages

Usability Improvements

  • Added a select all/none checkbox to the header of the import panel
  • Added "close plugin library" button
  • Added support for adding tags using the enter key
  • Improved handling of ctrl-Enter to add partially completed tags and fields
  • Added support for relinking references to renamed tiddlers
  • Added new "print page" page control button (and added associated icon)
  • Added new page control button to temporarily suspend timestamps
  • Improved access to plugin information:
    • Refactored the display of plugin tiddlers to use the same format as the control panel, adding the shadow tiddler listing as an overridable extension tab
    • Added a new tab in the “More” sidebar providing quick access to all installed plugins
  • Fixed height of preview pane to use a scrollbar when fixed height layout is selected
  • Extended editor "link" button to create external links and missing links
  • Increased size of icons in the "Filter" tab of $:/AdvancedSearch
  • Fixed problem with multiple copies of a tiddler appearing in the story river
  • Improved dropdown for new field names with typeahead search
  • Improved the ordering of groups in the tiddler editor content type dropdown
  • Added "sticky" mode for tiddler info panel. See "Settings" in control panel
  • Increased boldness of tag pill text
  • Added documentation marker to indicate the version in which a new feature was released
  • Added an entry to the advanced search filter drop down for exporting the current story (minus advanced search)

New and Improved Filter Operators

Hackability Improvements

Node.js Improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Improved Node.js support for the HighlightPlugin
  • Fixed problem with recursion errors in the Table-of-Contents Macros
  • Prevented email addresses from being mis-recognised as HTML tags
  • Fixed issue with $tw.utils.strEndsWith()
  • Partially fixed problem with action widgets being invoked independently of refresh cycle
  • Revised handling of syncAdaptor.isReady() method to improve compatibility with older adaptors
  • Fixed problem with unsafe use of String.prototype.replace(), corrupting fields containing dollar signs
  • Fixed problem with page background colour not showing through transparent background images
  • Fixed sync problem with skinny tiddlers not being loaded
  • Fixed problem with "Cancel" button in login dialogue also submitting the form
  • Fixed typo affecting created/creator fields when deleting a field
  • Fixed issue with system links containing international characters not being recognised
  • Fixed issue with single line macro definitions without a terminating line break
  • Fixed issue with empty strings and the CheckboxWidget
  • Fixed problem with calculation of week numbers
  • Fixed problem with move Operator not wrapping correctly
  • Fixed problem preventing customisation of textarea background colours

Developer Bug Fixes and Improvements


@Jermolene would like to thank the contributors to this release who have generously given their time to help improve TiddlyWiki: