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20th February 2015 at 4:21pm


The TiddlerWidget is used to set a value for the current tiddler variable, valid within the scope of the TiddlerWidget.

Content and Attributes

tiddlerThe title of the tiddler to become the new current tiddler
classCSS classes to be added to the generated elements

CSS Class Variables

The tiddler widget assigns several useful CSS classes to variables that it creates:

tc-tiddler-exists or...
tc-tiddler-missing depending on whether the tiddler exists
tc-tiddler-shadow if the tiddler is a shadow tiddler
tc-tiddler-system if the tiddler is a system tiddler
a space separated list of CSS classes named tc-tagged-{tagname},
e.g. tc-tagged-introduction

Note: tag names are URI encoded which means that the tag $:/tags/Macro appears as the CSS class tc-tagged-%24%3A%2Ftags%2FMacro. See How to apply custom styles by tag for more details

You can use these variables like this:

<$tiddler tiddler="MyOtherTiddler">
<div class=<<missingTiddlerClass>>>

See also $:/core/ui/ViewTemplate.