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Widgets in WikiText

19th June 2014 at 12:17pm

Widgets provide rich functionality within WikiText. They have the same syntax as HTML elements, but the tag name always starts with $. For example:

<$button message="tm-close-tiddler">Close Me!</$button>

Note that widgets inherit all the features of HTML in WikiText:

  • Widget attributes can be specified as:
    • Unquoted strings (that cannot contain spaces)
    • Strings quoted with single or double quotes
    • Strings quoted with triple-double quotes
    • Macro invocations (eg attr=<<myMacro>>)
    • Transclusions (eg, attr={{MyTiddler!!field}})
  • The content of a widget is parsed in inline mode unless the opening tag is followed by two linebreaks, which forces block mode
    • 'Inline mode' means that 'block mode' parse rules like headings, tables and lists are not recognised

See HTML in WikiText for more details.

The available widgets include: