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cycle Operator

 18th November 2020 at 7:21pm
purposetoggle the titles specified in the first parameter in a cyclical manner
inputa list of items
parameterthe cycle operator accepts 1 or 2 parameters, see below for details
outputthe input list with the titles specified in the parameter toggled in a cyclical manner

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Introduced in v5.1.23

The cycle operator requires at least one parameter.

  • titles : a title list to toggle in the input list cyclically. If no title from the parameter is present in the input, the first title is added. If a title from the parameter is present in the input, it is replaced with the next title from the parameter. Note that all titles specified in this parameter should be unique.
  • step-size: (optional). Defaults to 1. Specifies the number of steps in the parameter list to move each time. Can be a negative number.

While the cycle operator interprets its first parameter as a list of titles to cycle through, the toggle Operator accepts an unlimited number of distinct parameters and offers similar functionality.