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toggle Operator

 18th November 2020 at 7:21pm
purposetoggle the title specified in the parameter in the input
inputa list of items
parameterthe toggle operator accepts 1 or more parameters, see below for details
outputthe input list with the title specified in the parameter toggled

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Introduced in v5.1.23

The toggle operator requires at least one parameter and can accept additional optional parameters. With a second optional parameter it can be used to toggle between a pair of titles:

  • title1 : a title to toggle in the input list. If it is already present, it is removed. Otherwise, it is added.
  • title2: (optional). When the second parameter is provided, the operator toggles between the two values in the input list. If neither is present, the first parameter takes precedence is added to the list.

With more than two parameters, the toggle behaves similar to the cycle and can be used to cycle through a list of values. Note that all parameters should be unique.

While the cycle operator interprets its first parameter as a list of titles to cycle through and offers similar functionality, the toggle operator accepts an unlimited number of distinct parameters.