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deserialize Operator

 27th June 2023 at 9:41am
purposeextract JSON representation of tiddlers from the input strings
inputa selection of strings
parameterthe deserializer module to be used to extract tiddlers from the input
outputJSON representations of tiddlers extracted from input titles.

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New in v5.3.0

Deserializer modules parse text in various formats into their JSON representation as tiddlers. The deserializer modules available in a wiki can be seen using the deserializers operator and can be used with the deserialize Operator.

The TiddlyWiki core provides the following deserializers:

(DOM)Extracts tiddlers from a DOM node, should not be used with the deserialize[] operator
application/javascriptParses a JavaScript module as a tiddler extracting fields from the header comment
application/jsonParses JSON into tiddlers
application/x-tiddlerParses the .tid file format as a tiddler
application/x-tiddler-html-divParses the <DIV>.tiddler file format as a tiddler
application/x-tiddlersParses the MultiTiddlerFile format as tiddlers
text/cssParses CSS as a tiddler extracting fields from the header comment
text/htmlParses an HTML file into tiddlers. Supports TiddlyWiki Classic HTML files, TiddlyWiki5 HTML files and ordinary HTML files
text/plainParses plain text as a tiddler