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split Operator

 13th June 2019 at 3:45pm
purposereturns each item in the list split into separate strings according to the specified separator S; duplicates are not removed
inputa selection of titles
parameterS=The substring at which to split each title
outputthe input titles split into separate items according to the specified separator S

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Introduced in v5.1.20

Note that in some circumstances the split operator will include blank items in the list of results. For example,

[[the band thethe are the best the]split[the]]

The following results are returned:

["", " band ", "", " are ", " best ", ""]

Where it might be expected that the results would be:

[" band ", " are ", " best "]

The blank items mark the boundaries between matches. If they are not required they can be removed with the blank category of the is Operator: [[the band thethe are the best the]split[the]!is[blank]].

The reason that the blank items can be useful is that they allow search and replace operations to be constructed from a combination of the split Operator or splitregexp Operator and the join Operator. For example:

[[the band thethe are the best the]split[the]join[every]]