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3rd March 2020 at 11:45am
ActionWidgets Widgets


The action-popup widget is an action widget that triggers the display of a popup defined via a state tiddler. ActionWidgets are used within triggering widgets such as the ButtonWidget.

Content and Attributes

The action-popup widget is invisible. Any content within it is ignored.

$stateThe title of the state tiddler for the popup
$coordsOptional coordinates for the handle to which popup is positioned (in the format (x,y,w,h))


Here is an example of button that triggers the "more" button in the sidebar "Tools" tab. You may need to scroll to see the popup

<$action-setfield $tiddler="$:/state/tab/sidebar--595412856" $value="$:/core/ui/SideBar/Tools"/>
<$action-popup $state="$:/state/popup/more-2053862905" $coords="(0,20,0,0)"/>
Click me!

That renders as: