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 31st July 2023 at 7:30pm


The action-popup widget is an action widget that triggers the display of a popup defined via a state tiddler, or clears all displayed popups. ActionWidgets are used within triggering widgets such as the ButtonWidget.

Content and Attributes

The action-popup widget is invisible. Any content within it is ignored.

$stateThe title of the state tiddler for the popup
$coordsOptional coordinates for the handle to which popup is positioned (see Coordinate Systems for the supported formats)
$floatingIntroduced in v5.2.0 Optional. Defaults to no. Set to yes to create a popup that must be closed explicitly.

Introduced in v5.1.23 If the $coords attribute is missing or empty then all popups are cancelled.
Introduced in v5.2.4 The $coords attribute supports absolute and relative coordinates. See Coordinate Systems for more information.

Delete the state tiddler for a floating popup to close it.


Here is an example of button that triggers the "more" button in the sidebar "Tools" tab. You may need to scroll to see the popup

<$action-setfield $tiddler="$:/state/tab/sidebar--595412856" $value="$:/core/ui/SideBar/Tools"/>
<$action-popup $state="$:/state/popup/more--810643385" $coords="(0,20,0,0)"/>
Click me!

That renders as: