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Release 5.2.4

 13th December 2022 at 4:31pm

See GitHub for detailed change history of this release

Congratulations to dmikh for their winning design for the banner for this release (here is the competition thread and the voting thread).

Important Update

After the release of v5.2.5, we found some backwards compatibility issues with the stylesheet changes in #7039 and #6910. We have therefore decided to make a rapid bug fix Release 5.2.5 to resolve these issues, and all users should upgrade to the new version.

Major Improvements

New Twitter Archivist plugin to import the tweets and associated media from a Twitter Archive as individual tiddlers.

added new GenesisWidget that allows the dynamic construction of another widget, where the name and attributes of the new widget can be dynamically determined, without needing to be known in advance

added (and here) new operators for reading and formatting JSON data: jsonget Operator, jsonindexes Operator, jsontype Operator, jsonextract Operator and format Operator

Translation Improvements

Improvements to the following translations:

  • Chinese
  • French
  • German
  • Polish
  • Spanish
  • Japanese

Improvements to the translation features of TiddlyWiki itself:

Usability Improvements

  • fixed problem with long presses on tiddler links triggering a preview on iOS/iPadOS
  • improved consistency of button and input elements across browsers
  • fixed edit preview to use the View Template Body Cascade
  • fixed opening a tiddler in a new window to use the View Template Body Cascade
  • improved detection of infinite recursion errors in widgets and filters
  • extended default styles for styled runs
  • improved upgrade wizard to make the version number more prominent
  • improved parsing of tiddlers containing CSV data for greater compatibility
  • added new page control button to summon the layout switcher
  • fixed folded tiddlers to ensure that the unfold button is always visible
  • improved handling of Modals to optionally allow them to be dismissed by clicking on the background

Widget Improvements

Filter improvements

  • fixed issue with availability of variables within filter runs
  • fixed issue with removing multiple items from a linked list during filter processing

Hackability Improvements

Bug Fixes

  • fixed truncated search results on small screens
  • fixed table contents overflow on small screens
  • fixed "new image" keyboard shortcut not to assign journal tags
  • fixed SelectWidget class to update if it uses a filter
  • fixed issue with wikification within the advanced search filter dropdown
  • fixed the table in $:/Import to avoid creating hidden empty rows
  • fixed advanced search keyboard shortcut not navigating correctly
  • fixed erroneous display of drafts within the advanced search filter dropdown
  • fixed backwards compatibility of new field editor cascade introduced in v5.2.3

Node.js Improvements

  • added new CommandsCommand to enable command tokens to be dynamically generated from a filter
  • improved console logging to avoid spaces and <empty string> message
  • fixed problem with lazy loading deleting tiddler bodies under certain circumstances
  • fixed handling of ".mp4" file extension so that it defaults to video not audio
  • added test server to the plugin library edition
  • added Hidden Setting: Sync Logging to control logging of sync-related messages
  • updated Jasmine plugin to require the explicit use of the --test command in order to cause the tests to be run

Performance Improvements

  • improved performance of wiki.getTiddler()
  • improved performance of variable prototype chain handling
  • improved performance of list handling during filter processing


@Jermolene would like to thank the contributors to this release who have generously given their time to help improve TiddlyWiki:

  1. @AnthonyMuscio
  2. @bestony
  3. @BramChen
  4. @btheado
  5. @carlo-colombo
  6. @EvidentlyCube
  7. @FlashSystems
  8. @flibbles
  9. @fu-sen
  10. @hoelzro
  11. @joebordes
  12. @kookma
  13. @linonetwo
  14. @Marxsal
  15. @oflg
  16. @pmario
  17. @rmunn
  18. @roma0104
  19. @saqimtiaz
  20. @simonbaird
  21. @talha131
  22. @Telumire
  23. @tw-FRed
  24. @twMat
  25. @xcazin