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Using the external JavaScript template

 7th December 2022 at 11:22am

You can use a special template to externalise TiddlyWiki's core code into a separate file. This configuration allows the browser to cache the core for improved efficiency.


TiddlyWiki in the single file configuration ordinarily packs everything into a single file: your data, and the JavaScript, CSS and HTML comprising TiddlyWiki itself. This lack of dependencies is usually very convenient: it means that it is impossible for the parts of a TiddlyWiki to become separated, and enormously improves the chances of it still functioning in the future.

However, there is some inefficiency in this arrangement because the core code is repeatedly loaded and saved every time the content of the wiki is saved. This inefficiency is partially ameliorated when working in the client server configuration because once the wiki is loaded by the browser the synchronisation process only transmits individual tiddlers back and forth to the server.

The remaining inefficiency when working in the client server configuration is that the single page wiki that is initially loaded will contain a copy of the entire core code of TiddlyWiki, making it impossible for the browser to cache it.

Using the external JavaScript template with the client-server configuration

The mechanism is activated by setting the root-tiddler parameter to $:/core/save/all-external-js. This template externalises TiddlyWiki's core JavaScript into a separate file. For example, the following command will start your server with caching enabled. It will transfer the wiki with two GET requests, and the core can be cached by the browser.

tiddlywiki YOUR_WIKI_FOLDER --listen 'root-tiddler=$:/core/save/all-external-js' use-browser-cache=yes

You can activate your browser's Developer Tools: Network tab and reload the page to see how it works.

On Windows, Command Prompt (CMD) users need to replace single quotes ' with double quotation marks ".

Initialising a new wiki

The provided edition server-external-js contains all the configuration necessary to use the external JavaScript template. Here is an example:

tiddlywiki ./myNewWiki --init server-external-js
tiddlywiki ./myNewWiki --build listen

The above commands perform the following:

  • Create a new wiki with external JavaScript customisation included.
  • Start the server with external JavaScript enabled. The server listens on port 8080. Visit http://localhost:8080 in your browser.

To customise your --build listen command, see Files and ListenCommand.

Using the external JavaScript template with the single file configuration

You can use the "external-js" template with your single file wiki, but this requires that you have TiddlyWiki's core JavaScript saved alongside your HTML file. You may prefer this configuration, for example, if you have several wikis on a WebDav server. (See: Saving via WebDAV)

This functionality is intended for advanced users: there are many more ways for things to go wrong than with the standard single file configuration

Saving your snapshots

If you start your TiddlyWiki server in the "external-js" configuration, snapshots you save from the wiki will also have the external-js configuration.

You can click on the "cloud" button and choose Save snapshot for offline use. The html wiki you saved will have a reduced file size compared to a regular snapshot because the TiddlyWiki core code has been externalised. However, to be able to use this wiki, you must also have a copy of TiddlyWiki's core JavaScript in the same directory; see below for instructions for obtaining it

The "server-external-js" edition lets you save the snapshot from the command line:

tiddlywiki YOUR_WIKI_FOLDER --build index

The files index.html and tiddlywikicore-5.x.x.js will be saved in your wiki folder's output directory.

Obtaining the TiddlyWiki core in the browser

For advanced users

Export the TiddlyWiki core JavaScript code for running with external JavaScript:

Further information

Obtaining the TiddlyWiki core with Node.js

You can also run the following command to obtain the core JavaScript. The file tiddlywikicore-5.x.x.js will be saved in theoutput directory of your wiki folder:

tiddlywiki YOUR_WIKI_FOLDER \
    --render '$:/core/templates/tiddlywiki5.js' \
    '[[tiddlywikicore-]addsuffix<version>addsuffix[.js]]' \

The "server-external-js" edition has a shortcut for the BuildCommand to do the same thing:

tiddlywiki YOUR_WIKI_FOLDER --build tiddlywikicore

Upgrading your standalone wiki

This procedure is experimental, please take care to backup your data

Before you proceed, backup your wiki first! Follow the steps below to upgrade a single-file wiki with the external JavaScript template:

  1. Proceed with the Upgrade Process for Standalone TiddlyWikis. Your wiki will be converted to a full standalone HTML.
  2. Open your upgraded wiki in the browser. If you'd like to revert to using the regular template, restore the original shadow tiddler $:/config/SaveWikiButton/Template by deleting any custom copy. Save your wiki and you are done.
  3. Otherwise, from your wiki, select the Tools tab from the sidebar and click on the export tiddlywiki core button to obtain the core from your wiki.
  4. Verify that $:/config/SaveWikiButton/Template still contains $:/core/save/offline-external-js. Modify if necessary.
  5. Save your wiki again. Your wiki is now converted to using the external core.