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14th November 2021 at 10:12am

TiddlyWikiFolders are configured with a single file in the root of the wiki folder. It should contain a JSON object comprising the following properties:

  • plugins - an array of plugin names to be included in the wiki
  • themes - an array of theme names to be included in the wiki
  • languages - an array of language names to be included in the wiki
  • includeWikis - an array of references to external wiki folders to be included in the wiki
  • build - a hashmap of named build targets, each defined by an array of command tokens (see BuildCommand)
  • config - an optional hashmap of configuration options (see below)


The entries in the includeWikis array can be either a string specifying the relative path to the wiki, or an object with the following fields:

  • path - relative path to wiki folder
  • read-only - set true to prevent the tiddlers in the included wiki from being modified. The modifications will be written to the directory specified in default-tiddler-location, described below


Note that the build targets of included wikis are merged if a target of that name isn't defined in the current file.


Configuration options include:

  • default-tiddler-location - a string path to the default location for the filesystem adaptor to save new tiddlers (resolved relative to the wiki folder)
  • retain-original-tiddler-path - If true, the server will generate a tiddler $:/config/OriginalTiddlerPaths containing the original file paths of each tiddler in the wiki


For example:

	"plugins": [
	"includeWikis": [
		{"path": "../", "read-only": true}
	"build": {
		"index": [
		"favicon": [
	"config": {
		"retain-original-tiddler-path": true