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 22nd January 2023 at 9:00pm


The edit text widget provides a user interface in the browser for editing text tiddler fields. The editing element is dynamically bound to the underlying tiddler value: changes to the tiddler are instantly reflected, and any edits are instantly propagated.

By default, applying the EditTextWidget to the text field of a tiddler will generates an HTML <textarea> element, i.e. a multi-line editor. Applying the EditTextWidget to any other field generates an HTML <input type="text"> element, a single-line editor. This behaviour can be overridden with the tag and type attributes.

Content and Attributes

The content of the <$edit-text> widget is ignored.

tiddlerThe tiddler to edit (defaults to the current tiddler)
fieldThe field to edit (defaults to text). Takes precedence over the index attribute
indexThe index to edit
defaultThe default text to be provided when the target tiddler doesn't exist
classA CSS class to be assigned to the generated HTML editing element
placeholderPlaceholder text to be displayed when the edit field is empty
focusPopupTitle of a state tiddler for a popup that is displayed when the editing element has focus
focusSet to "yes" or "true" to automatically focus the editor after creation
focusSelectFromStartIntroduced in v5.2.6 If the focus attribute is enabled, determines the position of the start of the selection: 0 (default) places the start of the selection at the beginning of the text, 1 places the start of the selection after the first character, etc.
focusSelectFromEndIntroduced in v5.2.6 If the focus attribute is enabled, determines the position of the end of the selection: 0 (default) places the end of the selection at the end of the text, 1 places the start of the selection before the final character, etc.
tabindexSets the tabindex attribute of the input or textarea to the given value
autocompleteIntroduced in v5.1.23 An optional string to provide a hint to the browser how to handle autocomplete for this input
tagOverrides the generated HTML editing element tag. For a multi-line editor use tag=textarea. For a single-line editor use tag=input
typeOverrides the generated HTML editing element type attribute
sizeThe size of the input field (in characters). This exact result depends on browser and font. Use the class attribute to style width for precise control
autoHeightEither "yes" or "no" to specify whether to automatically resize textarea editors to fit their content (defaults to "yes")
minHeightMinimum height for automatically resized textarea editors, specified in CSS length units such as "px", "em" or "%"
rowsSets the rows attribute of a generated textarea
cancelPopupsIntroduced in v5.1.23 if set to "yes", cancels all popups when the input gets focus
inputActionsIntroduced in v5.1.23 Optional actions that are triggered every time an input event occurs within the input field or textarea.
Introduced in v5.2.1 The variable actionValue is available to the inputActions and contains the value of the input field.
refreshTitleIntroduced in v5.1.23 An optional tiddler title that makes the input field update whenever the specified tiddler changes
disabledIntroduced in v5.1.23 Optional, disables the text input if set to "yes". Defaults to "no"
fileDropIntroduced in v5.2.0 Optional. When set to "yes" allows dropping or pasting images into the editor to import them. Defaults to "no"


If you wanted to change the field myconfig of the tiddler AppSettings, you could use an EditTextWidget to edit the field, and then show the result anywhere else by using {{AppSettings!!myconfig}}. Note that this will create tiddler AppSettings if it doesn't already exist.

<$edit-text tiddler="AppSettings" field="myconfig"/><p/>
Value of ''myconfig'' : {{AppSettings!!myconfig}}

Text Selection

If the edit field already contains text or a default value is provided, you can use the focusSelectFromStart and focusSelectFromEnd attributes to only select part of the text when using focus="yes".

Partial selection when editing this tiddler's caption field:

<$edit-text tiddler=<<currentTiddler>> field="caption" focus="yes" focusSelectFromStart="5" />

Provide a dated heading for this example where only the placeholder (but not the date) is selected for easier text input:

<$edit-text tiddler=<<currentTiddler>> field="heading" size="25" focus="yes" focusSelectFromEnd="13" default={{{ [[Heading Text (]] [<now YYYY-0MM-0DD>] [[)]] +[join[]] }}} />