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Release 5.2.6

 20th March 2023 at 6:43pm

See GitHub for detailed change history of this release

Congratulations to StS for their winning design for the banner for this release (here is the competition thread and the voting thread).

Major Improvements

Improved Markdown Plugin

Better Handling of Loss of Network Connectivity with Client Server Configuration

  • added integration between the BrowserStorage Plugin and the client-server configuration to allow changes to be made while offline and then later resynchronised with the server

New Diff-Match-Patch Primitives

Translation Improvements

Improvements to the following translations:

  • Chinese
  • German
  • Italian
  • Polish

Plugin Improvements

Accessibility Improvements

  • improved appearance of save wiki button so that it is accessible to users without colour vision

Usability Improvements

  • improved consistency of tiddler deletion by allowing missing tiddlers to be 'deleted', which just results in them being closed
  • improved layout switcher to include an optional icon for each layout
  • removed improvements to table layout from v5.2.5 that have proved to not be backwards compatible
  • added support for $ HTML entity

Widget Improvements

  • extended EditTextWidget to support focusSelectFromStart and focusSelectFromEnd attributes to give better control over text selection

Filter improvements

Hackability Improvements

Bug Fixes

Node.js Improvements

  • fixed duplicate fields in internal templates used in client-server configuration
  • fixed lazy loading not triggering a sync from the server
  • fixed crash on creating a new tiddler if anonymous users manage to create syncable tiddlers in a read only wiki
  • improved handling of logout in the client-server configuration to avoid 404 errors
  • fixed problem with saving tiddlers with _canonical_uri field as .tid files
  • fixed missing meta viewport to static river template

Performance Improvements

  • improved field indexer to more efficiently process lookups


@Jermolene would like to thank the contributors to this release who have generously given their time to help improve TiddlyWiki:

  1. @andrigamerita
  2. @AnthonyMuscio
  3. @BramChen
  4. @btheado
  5. @cdruan
  6. @CrossEye
  7. @cs8425
  8. @EvidentlyCube
  9. @fkmiec
  10. @flibbles
  11. @GameDungeon
  12. @hffqyd
  13. @jeffrey4l
  14. @joebordes
  15. @kookma
  16. @linonetwo
  17. @m42e
  18. @Marxsal
  19. @mateuszwilczek
  20. @michsa
  21. @newmedicine
  22. @pippep
  23. @pmario
  24. @saqimtiaz
  25. @Telumire
  26. @twMat
  27. @wincentbalin
  28. @yaisog