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WidgetMessage: tm-import-tiddlers

 28th February 2015 at 2:36pm

The tm-import-tiddlers message inserts a list of tiddlers into the pending import tiddler $:/Import. It also applies any active upgrader modules to each tiddler as it arrives (see the UpgradeMechanism for more details).

paramJSON text of the array of tiddlers to be imported
autoOpenOnImportIntroduced in v5.1.23 Optional value "no" or "yes" that can override tv-auto-open-on-import
importTitleIntroduced in v5.1.23 optional tiddler title to use for import process instead of $:/Import

The import tiddlers message is usually generated with the DropzoneWidget or the BrowseWidget, and is handled by the NavigatorWidget.

Configuration Variables