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Release 5.2.1

 8th December 2021 at 11:58am

See GitHub for detailed change history of this release

Congratulations to Mohammad Rahmani and Elise Springer for their winning design for the banner for this release (here are the other entries).


added New Filter Cascade Mechanism

The cascade mechanism provides a flexible way to choose between multiple options. Crucially, it is done in a way that makes it simple for plugins to tweak the logic or add their own options.

Some of the things that can be done with cascades are:

  • Replacing the default tiddler body template with a custom one for a certain type of tiddler
  • Giving all journal tiddlers a custom icon
  • Implementing a custom editor for certain types of tiddler

There are two parts to these changes. The underpinning is a new Cascade Filter Run Prefix that takes a list of filters and runs them in order, returning the result of the first one to return a value.

The second part is a series of improvements based on this new filter cascade mechanism. Conditional logic that was previously hidden within core templates can now be extended and tweaked much more easily than before.

Choosing the following elements of the core user interface is now handled with cascades:

The cascades can be inspected in $:/ControlPanel under Info -> Advanced -> Cascades.

See Cascades for more information.

added New LetWidget

The LetWidget is an improved alternative to the existing VarsWidget. It is recommended to use the new LetWidget instead of the VarsWidget in all circumstances.

The chief advantage is that the LetWidget performs the variable assignments in the same order as they are written, and permits references to earlier assignments. For example, here we swap the values of two variables:

<$let temp=<<foo>> foo=<<bar>> bar=<<temp>>>

Bug Fixes

Usability Improvements

  • fixed image picker in theme tweaks to not dismiss when an image is selected
  • added a new hidden setting for controlling the visibility of the editor preview pane on a per-tiddler basis
  • improved sidebar plugin listing to show icon and more details

Widget Improvements

Filter improvements

Hackability Improvements

Developer Improvements

  • added support for widgets to access the order in which attributes are defined

Node.js Improvements

Translation improvements

  • Polish
  • Chinese


@Jermolene would like to thank the contributors to this release who have generously given their time to help improve TiddlyWiki:

  1. @bmann
  2. @BramChen
  3. @btheado
  4. @BurningTreeC
  5. @eiro10
  6. @EvidentlyCube
  7. @flibbles
  8. @joshuafontany
  9. @Marxsal
  10. @pmario
  11. @saqimtiaz
  12. @Telumire
  13. @tw-FRed
  14. @twMat