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The setmultiplevariables widget assigns values to multiple variables where the names and values of the variables are specified as separate filter.

Content and Attributes

The content of the <$setmultiplevariables> widget is the scope for the value assigned to the variable.

$namesFilter evaluating to the names of a list of variables to assign
$valuesFilter evaluating to the values corresponding to the list of names specified in $names


Here is an example of a convoluted way to display the values of the fields of the tiddler "HelloThere":

<$setmultiplevariables $names="[[HelloThere]fields[]addprefix[demo-]]" $values="[[HelloThere]fields[]] :map[[HelloThere]get<currentTiddler>]">
<$list filter="[variables[]prefix[demo-]sort[]]">
''<$text text={{{ [<currentTiddler>removeprefix[demo-]] }}}/>'': <$text text={{{ [<currentTiddler>getvariable[]] }}}/>

That renders as:

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