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21st February 2015 at 9:56pm
Concepts Reference

A variable is a snippet of text that can be accessed by name within a particular branch of the widget tree. The snippet is known as the variable's value.

A new variable is defined using a $set widget, and is then available to any of the children of that widget, including transcluded content. A $set widget can reuse an existing name, thus binding a different snippet to that name for the duration of the widget's children.

The $list widget also sets a particular variable (currentTiddler by default) to each listed title in turn.

For an overview of how to use variables, see Variables in WikiText.

Despite the term "variable", each snippet is a constant string. The apparent variability is actually the result of the presence of multiple variables with the same name in different parts of the widget tree.

Macros are a special form of variable whose value can contain placeholders that get filled in with parameters whenever the macro is used.

By themselves, the snippets are not parsed as WikiText. However, a variable reference will transclude a snippet into a context where WikiText parsing may be occurring. Within a snippet, the only markup detected is $name$ for a macro parameter transclusion and $(name)$ for a variable transclusion.

The dumpvariables macro lists all variables (including macros) that are available at that position in the widget tree.

TiddlyWiki's core has several variables built in.