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 10th July 2023 at 7:45am

You can think of TiddlyWiki as a database in which the records are tiddlers. A database typically provides a way of discovering which records match a given pattern, and in TiddlyWiki this is done with filters.

A filter is a concise notation for selecting a particular set of tiddlers, known as its output. Whenever TiddlyWiki encounters a filter, it calculates the output. Further work can then be done with just those tiddlers, such as counting or listing them.

The following example passes a filter to the list-links macro. It displays a list of all tiddlers using the tag "Filters":

A filter output can change as tiddlers are added and deleted in the wiki. TiddlyWiki recalculates on the fly, automatically updating any filter-based counts or lists as well.

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