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 13th May 2022 at 11:47am


The TranscludeWidget dynamically imports content from another tiddler.


tiddlerThe title of the tiddler to transclude (defaults to the current tiddler)
fieldThe field name of the current tiddler (defaults to "text"; if present takes precedence over the index attribute)
indexThe index of a property in a DataTiddler
subtiddlerOptional SubTiddler title when the target tiddler is a plugin (see below)
modeOverride the default parsing mode for the transcluded text to "block" or "inline"

The TranscludeWidget treats any contained content as a fallback if the target of the transclusion is not defined (ie a missing tiddler or a missing field).

Parsing modes

TiddlyWiki parses text in two modes:

  • inline mode recognises character formatting such as emphasis, links
  • block mode recognises all the inline formatting, and adds block formatting such as tables, headings and lists

Usually, the mode is determined by whether the transclude widget itself has been parsed in block or inline mode. This can be overridden with the mode attribute.

For example, consider tiddler "A" with this content:

# Item one
#<$transclude tiddler="B"/>
# Item two

And a tiddler "B" with this content:

# Item one - a
# Item one - b

The result will be something like this:

  1. Item one
  2. # Item one - a # Item one - b
  3. Item two

This can be fixed by amending tiddler "A":

# Item one
#<$transclude tiddler="B" mode="block"/>
# Item two

See also these other examples.

SubTiddler Access

The transclude widget allows access to the individual tiddlers stored within a plugin.

The following example will transclude the core version of the tiddler $:/DefaultTiddlers even if it has been overridden:

<$transclude tiddler="$:/core" subtiddler="$:/DefaultTiddlers"/>

That renders as: