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Inline Mode WikiText

 17th September 2022 at 7:49am

Some WikiText is recognised only while the parser is in inline mode.

These WikiText types can be expressed without an entire line of text. They aren't required to be all on one line, just that they can be expressed within a single line. And as such, more than one can appear within a single line. In other words, line endings are not involved while the parser tries to find where the particular WikiText begins and ends While the parser is in inline mode, it will recognise the punctuation for these WikiText types:

Macro Calls and Transclusion in WikiText will be recognised in block mode if the macro call or transclusion spans an entire line.

The other inline mode WikiText types are technically only detected while the parser is in inline mode. However, the opening punctuation will also trigger the start of Paragraphs in WikiText which will automatically cause the parser to go into inline mode. Therefore, practically speaking, it is just as useful to consider these WikiText types as recognised while the parser is in either inline mode or block mode

While processing the enclosed text of some of these WikiText types, the parser will not look for new WikiText. But for rest of these WikiText types, the parser will continue in inline mode for the enclosed text. While parsing that text, it might encounter something which moves it to block mode.