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Linking in WikiText

 30th December 2021 at 2:59pm

A key capability of WikiText is the ability to make links to other tiddlers or to external websites.

Manual Links

Link to a tiddler by title:

[[Tiddler Title]]

To link to a tiddler and specify the text of the link:

[[Displayed Link Title|Tiddler Title]]

You can also create a link from the editor toolbar. Click link (), and search and select a tiddler.

CamelCase Links

For tiddler titles that match the CamelCase rules, just typing the title without double square brackets will automatically create a link.

You can suppress a link from being recognised by preceding it with ~. For example:

* ~HelloThere is not a link
* ~ is not a link

That renders as:

  • HelloThere is not a link
  • is not a link

... and the underlying HTML is:

<ul><li>HelloThere is not a link</li><li> is not a link</li></ul>

External Links

To link to an external resource such as a website or a file, type its full URL, including the URI scheme such as a protocol (e.g. http://, file://) or mailto:


[[Mail me|]]

[[Open file|file:///c:/users/me/index.html]]

For this syntax to work, the URL has to be recognisable as a URL. Otherwise, it is treated as a tiddler title. As a result, in case you want to link to a resource locatable using a relative path, use the extended syntax:

[ext[Open file|index.html]]

[ext[Open file|./index.html]]

[ext[Open file|../]]

[ext[Open file|c:\users\me\index.html]]

The extended syntax still works with full URLs, although in that case it is not necessary:



[ext[Mail me|]]

[ext[Open file|file:///c:/users/me/index.html]]

You can also use the extended syntax to force an external link:


Customising Tiddler Links

See the LinkWidget for details of the underlying widget used to implement tiddler links, including macros that can be used to customise its behaviour.

Generating dynamic links

Linking in WikiText does not lend itself well to creating dynamic links. The reason is because this WikiText link:

[[link to myself|Linking in WikiText]]

is shorthand for using the LinkWidget and TextWidget like this:

<$link to="Linking in WikiText">
  <$text text="link to myself"/>

Since both the link title ("link to myself") and the link target ("Linking in WikiText") are used as widget attributes, no WikiText expansion takes place.

For example, an attempt to use a reference and a variable to dynamically generate a link like this:

Don't do it this way!


is the same as trying to use the LinkWidget and TextWidget like this:

Don't do it this way!
<$link to="<<currentTiddler>>">
  <$text text="{{!!caption}}"/>

This will not work as desired. Content inside of quoted widget attributes is treated as a literal value and protected from WikiText expansion, so it will render like this:

Don't do it this way!


In order to get the desired result, the LinkWidget can be used directly like this:

<$link to=<<currentTiddler>>>{{!!caption}}</$link>

That renders as:


See also another example of constructing dynamic links.

Linking within tiddlers - "anchor links"

In TiddlyWiki anchor links can help us link to target points and distinct sections within rendered tiddlers. They can help the reader navigate longer tiddler content.

See Anchor Links using HTML for more information.