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Images in WikiText

 29th January 2022 at 3:26pm

Image Formatting

Images can be included in WikiText with the following syntax:

[img[Motovun Jack.jpg]]

You can also insert image tiddlers from the editor toolbar. Click picture () and select a picture file.

If the image source is the title of an image tiddler then that tiddler is directly displayed. Otherwise it is interpreted as a URL and an HTML <img> tag is generated with the src attribute containing the URL.

A tooltip can also be specified:

[img[An explanatory tooltip|Motovun Jack.jpg]]

Attributes can be provided to specify CSS classes and the image width and height:

[img width=32 [Motovun Jack.jpg]]
[img width=32 class="tc-image" [Motovun Jack.jpg]]

Note that attributes can be specified as transclusions or variable references:

[img width={{!!mywidth}} class=<<image-classes>> [Motovun Jack.jpg]]

The image syntax is a shorthand for invoking the ImageWidget.

Displaying Images via Transclusion

You can also display an image stored in a tiddler by transcluding that tiddler. The disadvantage of this approach is that there is no direct way to control the size of the image.

{{Motovun Jack.jpg}}

Renders as:

Images as Links

<$link to="HelloThere" tooltip="Custom tooltip">{{$:/core/icon}}</$link>

Renders as:

Importing Images

Use the import button (under the Tools tab in the sidebar), or drag and drop. See Importing Tiddlers for details.

New in: 5.2.0 You can also import images by dropping or pasting images into the tiddler editor.