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Importing Tiddlers

 28th March 2017 at 4:02pm

You can import tiddlers into a TiddlyWiki from external files or directly from another TiddlyWiki.

Importing content from external files

There are several ways to import content (including text, images, pdf documents, etc.) from external files:

  • Use the import button (under the Tools tab in the sidebar) to select a local file
  • Drag and drop files from Windows Explorer or OS X Finder etc. into the TiddlyWiki browser window
  • Paste content directly from the clipboard using the menu or keyboard shortcut (ctrl-V or cmd-V)
    • Currently supported in Chrome, Firefox and Edge (but not Internet Explorer)

Most files are imported as individual tiddlers. The exceptions are:

  • .html files that are recognised as a TiddlyWiki file are parsed to extract the tiddlers within them
  • .json files are parsed to extract the tiddlers within them. They can be created by exporting them from another TiddlyWiki. TiddlyWiki accepts JSON files that contain either a single tiddler fields object, or an array of tiddler fields objects

Importing content from other TiddlyWiki browser windows

Tiddlers can be imported from other TiddlyWiki browser windows via Drag and Drop. Drag a TiddlyWiki internal link or a tag from one TiddlyWiki browser window to another. Dragging an internal link will import a single tiddler while dragging a tag pill will import all of the tiddlers that carry that tag.