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Cascade Filter Run Prefix

 30th November 2021 at 12:15pm

New in: 5.2.1

purposemodify input titles by evaluating in turn a list of filters - as returned by the filter expression for this run - for each input title.
inputall titles from previous filter runs
outputthe input titles as modified by the filters returned by this filter run

The filter expression for this filter run is evaluated to return a list of filters. Each input title is then evaluated against each of the filters in turn, and the input title is replaced with the first result of the first filter that returns a non-empty list. If none of the filters return a result for an input title, it is replaced with an empty string.

The following variables are available within the filter run:

  • currentTiddler - the input title
  • ..currentTiddler - the value of the variable currentTiddler outside the filter run.