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 21st December 2021 at 10:26am

Modals (or "wizards") fade the main TiddlyWiki window to display an isolated tiddler that must be explicitly dismissed by the user.

The tiddler to be displayed can contain the following optional fields that are used to customise the modal:

footerThe footer text for the modal
subtitleThe subtitle text for a modal, displayed in a h3 html tag
classAn additional class to apply to the modal wrapper
helpAn optional external link that will be displayed at the left of the footer with the text "Help"
mask-closableWhen set to yes or true, will close the modal dialog when the mask (area outside the modal) is clicked

Note that the footer and subtitle fields are not limited to plain text, and wiki text features such as widgets and transclusions can be used as well.

Modals are displayed with the WidgetMessage: tm-modal.

Introduced in v5.2.4 allow using "mask-closable" field