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 19th October 2014 at 8:06pm

Audio files can be incorporated into TiddlyWiki in a very similar way to images.

Embedded Audio

Small audio files can be embedded directly within TiddlyWiki. Embedding isn't suitable for large files (over a few hundred kilobytes) because it increases the size of the TiddlyWiki file.

For example, the tiddler TiddlyWiki.mp3 contains an MP3 recording of the word "TiddlyWiki". If you visit that tiddler, you should see an audio player that will play back the recording.

You can also transclude audio files. For example:


That renders as:

External Audio

External audio tiddlers use the _canonical_uri field to point to an external audio file/stream, and have their text field blocked. This reduces their size considerably, but still allows for playback.

For example, the tiddler Caruso - Ave Maria points to an online audio recording hosted on

{{Caruso - Ave Maria}}

That renders as: