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 17th June 2016 at 10:12am

A colour palette is a data tiddler that supplies a CSS colour value, such as yellow or #fe0, for each of several colour names, like this:

page-background: #fe0
table-border: #ccc

Several palettes form part of the core. The system tiddler $:/palette always contains the title of the currently selected palette tiddler. You can change a palette using the palette button, found on the "Tools" tab in the sidebar.

To retrieve the value of a named colour from the current palette, e.g. for use in a stylesheet tiddler, use the colour macro:

<<colour page-background>>

Palette tiddlers should have the following fields:

titleTypically starting with $:/
nameDisplayed in the palette browser
descriptionDisplayed in the palette browser
textname: value colour definitions