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15th January 2019 at 4:56pm

We welcome contributions to the code and documentation of TiddlyWiki in several ways:

There are other ways to help TiddlyWiki too.

Contributor License Agreement

Like other OpenSource projects, TiddlyWiki5 needs a signed contributor license agreement from individual contributors. This is a legal agreement that allows contributors to assert that they own the copyright of their contribution, and that they agree to license it to the UnaMesa Association (the legal entity that owns TiddlyWiki on behalf of the community).

How to sign the CLA

Create a GitHub pull request to add your name to or, with the date in the format (YYYY/MM/DD).

step by step

  1. Navigate to licenses/CLA-individual or licenses/CLA-entity according to whether you are signing as an individual or representative of an organisation
  2. Ensure that the "branch" dropdown at the top left is set to tiddlywiki-com
  3. Click the "edit" button at the top-right corner (clicking this button will fork the project so you can edit the file)
  4. Add your name at the bottom
    • eg: Jeremy Ruston, @Jermolene, 2011/11/22
  5. Below the edit box for the CLA text you should see a box labelled Propose file change
  6. Enter a brief title to explain the change (eg, "Signing the CLA")
  7. Click the green button labelled Propose file change
  8. On the following screen, click the green button labelled Create pull request

The CLA documents used for this project were created using Harmony Project Templates. "HA-CLA-I-LIST Version 1.0" for "CLA-individual" and "HA-CLA-E-LIST Version 1.0" for "CLA-entity".


If you do not own the copyright in the entire work of authorship:

In this case, please clearly state so and provide links and any additional information that clarify under which license the rest of the code is distributed.