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Improving TiddlyWiki Documentation

 15th January 2019 at 4:56pm

Anyone can submit improvements to the TiddlyWiki documentation that appears on (For improvements to the core code a more complicated process must be used because of the need to test the changes both in the browser and under Node.js before submission).

If you already know GitHub, note that documentation updates must be directed to the tiddlywiki-com branch

  1. Read and observe the Documentation Style Guide
  2. Create an account on if you don't already have one
  3. If you haven't done so already, sign the Contributor License Agreement as described in Signing the Contributor License Agreement
  4. On, click "edit" on the tiddler you want to improve
  5. You should see a pink banner with the text: Can you help us improve this documentation? Find out how to edit this tiddler on GitHub
  6. Click on the external link ...this tiddler on GitHub
    1. You will be prompted that "you need to fork this repository to propose changes". A "fork" is your own copy of the repository that incorporates the changes you are proposing
  7. A new browser tab should open ready to edit the tiddler on
  8. Below the edit box for the tiddler text you should see a box labelled Propose file change
  9. Enter a brief title to explain the change (eg, "Clarify attribute syntax instability")
  10. If necessary, enter a longer description too
  11. Click the green button labelled Propose file change
  12. On the following screen, click the green button labelled Create pull request

Jermolene or one of the other core developers will then have the opportunity to merge your pull request so that it is incorporated into the next build of

Mario Pietsch has created these short video tutorials: