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Date Fields

 1st December 2020 at 3:42pm

Certain fields of a tiddler are used to store dates and times. TiddlyWiki supports dates from the year -9999 to the year 9999.

The two standard date fields are created and modified.

Values of date fields are 17 or 18-character strings:

  • New in: 5.1.23 an optional minus sign - to indicate a negative year
  • 4 digits for the year
  • 2 digits for the month
  • 2 digits for the day
  • 2 digits for the hour
  • 2 digits for the minute
  • 2 digits for the second
  • 3 digits for the millisecond

To avoid problems arising from differences of time zone, TiddlyWiki always uses UTC.

As an example, the created field of this tiddler has the value 20150117190213631.

Dates can be converted to other formats for display:

<$view field="created" format="date" template="DDD DDth MMM YYYY"/>

That renders as:

Saturday 17th January 2015