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Date Fields

 26th February 2023 at 2:46pm

Certain fields of a tiddler are used to store dates and times. TiddlyWiki supports dates from the year -9999 to the year 9999.

The two standard date fields are created and modified.

Values of date fields are 17 or 18-character strings:

  • Introduced in v5.1.23 an optional minus sign - to indicate a negative year
  • 4 digits for the year
  • 2 digits for the month
  • 2 digits for the day
  • 2 digits for the hour
  • 2 digits for the minute
  • 2 digits for the second
  • 3 digits for the millisecond

To avoid problems arising from differences of time zone, TiddlyWiki always uses UTC.

The DateFormat template for storage of dates in these fields is [UTC]YYYY0MM0DD0hh0mm0ss0XXX.

As an example, the created field of this tiddler has the value 20150117190213631.

Dates can be converted to other formats for display:

<$view field="created" format="date" template="DDD DDth MMM YYYY"/>

That renders as:

Saturday 17th January 2015