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 16th April 2024 at 10:32am

TiddlerFields are name:value pairs that make up a tiddler. Field names may contain any combination of characters (prior to v5.2.0, fields were constrained to be lowercase letters, digits or the characters - (dash), _ (underscore) and . (period)).

The standard fields are:

Field NameDescription
titleThe unique name of a tiddler
textThe body text of a tiddler
modifiedThe date and time at which a tiddler was last modified
modifierThe tiddler title associated with the person who last modified a tiddler
createdThe date a tiddler was created
creatorThe name of the person who created a tiddler
tagsA list of tags associated with a tiddler
typeThe content type of a tiddler
listAn ordered list of tiddler titles associated with a tiddler – see ListField
captionThe text to be displayed on a tab or button

Other fields used by the core are:

Field NameDescription
code-bodyIntroduced in v5.2.1 The view template will display the tiddler as code if set to yes
colorThe CSS color value associated with a tiddler
descriptionThe descriptive text for a plugin, or a modal dialogue
draft.ofFor draft tiddlers, contains the title of the tiddler of which this is a draft
draft.titleFor draft tiddlers, contains the proposed new title of the tiddler
footerThe footer text for a modal
hide-bodyThe view template will hide bodies of tiddlers if set to yes
iconThe title of the tiddler containing the icon associated with a tiddler
libraryIndicates that a tiddler should be saved as a JavaScript library if set to yes
list-afterIf set, the title of the tiddler after which this tiddler should be added to the ordered list of tiddler titles, or at the end of the list if this field is present but empty
list-beforeIf set, the title of a tiddler before which this tiddler should be added to the ordered list of tiddler titles, or at the start of the list if this field is present but empty
nameThe human readable name associated with a plugin tiddler
plugin-priorityA numerical value indicating the priority of a plugin tiddler
plugin-typeThe type of plugin in a plugin tiddler
sourceThe source URL associated with a tiddler
subtitleThe subtitle text for a modal
throttle.refreshIf present, throttles refreshes of this tiddler
toc-linkSuppresses the tiddler's link in a Table of Contents tree if set to no
_canonical_uriThe full URI of an external image tiddler

The TiddlyWebAdaptor uses a few more fields:

Field NameDescription
bagThe name of the bag from which a tiddler came
revisionThe revision of the tiddler held at the server
_is_skinnyIf present, indicates that the tiddler text field must be loaded from the server

Details of the fields used in this TiddlyWiki are shown in the control panel under the Info tab >> Advanced sub-tab >> Tiddler Fields