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4th January 2018 at 12:00am

TiddlerFields are name:value pairs that make up a tiddler. Field names must be lowercase letters, digits or the characters - (dash), _ (underscore) and . (period).

The standard fields are:

Field NameReferenceDescription
titleTitleFieldThe unique name of a tiddler
textTextFieldThe body text of a tiddler
modifiedModifiedFieldThe date and time at which a tiddler was last modified
modifierModifierFieldThe tiddler title associated with the person who last modified a tiddler
createdCreatedFieldThe date a tiddler was created
creatorCreatorFieldThe name of the person who created a tiddler
tagsTagsFieldA list of tags associated with a tiddler
typeTypeFieldThe content type of a tiddler
listListFieldAn ordered list of tiddler titles associated with a tiddler
captionCaptionFieldThe text to be displayed on a tab or button

Other fields used by the core are:

Field NameReferenceDescription
colorColorFieldThe CSS color value associated with a tiddler
descriptionDescriptionFieldThe descriptive text for a plugin, or a modal dialogue
draft.ofDraftOfFieldFor draft tiddlers, contains the title of the tiddler of which this is a draft
draft.titleDraftTitleFieldFor draft tiddlers, contains the proposed new title of the tiddler
footerFooterFieldThe footer text for a wizard
iconIconFieldThe title of the tiddler containing the icon associated with a tiddler
libraryLibraryFieldIf set to "yes" indicates that a tiddler should be saved as a JavaScript library
list-afterListAfterFieldIf set, the title of the tiddler after which this tiddler should be added to the ordered list of tiddler titles, or at the end of the list if this field is present but empty
list-beforeListBeforeFieldIf set, the title of a tiddler before which this tiddler should be added to the ordered list of tiddler titles, or at the start of the list if this field is present but empty
nameNameFieldThe human readable name associated with a plugin tiddler
plugin-priorityPluginPriorityFieldA numerical value indicating the priority of a plugin tiddler
plugin-typePluginTypeFieldThe type of plugin in a plugin tiddler
sourceSourceFieldThe source URL associated with a tiddler
subtitleSubtitleFieldThe subtitle text for a wizard

The TiddlyWebAdaptor uses a few more fields:

Field NameReferenceDescription
bagBagFieldThe name of the bag from which a tiddler came
revisionRevisionFieldThe revision of the tiddler held at the server

Details of the fields used in this TiddlyWiki are shown in the control panel under the Info tab >> Advanced sub-tab >> Tiddler Fields