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10th June 2016 at 9:10am

TiddlerFields are name:value pairs that make up a tiddler. Field names must be lowercase letters, digits or the characters - (dash), _ (underscore) and . (period).

The standard fields are:

Field NameReferenceDescription
titleTitleFieldThe unique name of a tiddler
textTextFieldThe body text of a tiddler
modifiedModifiedFieldThe date and time at which a tiddler was last modified
modifierModifierFieldThe tiddler title associated with the person who last modified a tiddler
createdCreatedFieldThe date a tiddler was created
creatorCreatorFieldThe name of the person who created a tiddler
tagsTagsFieldA list of tags associated with a tiddler
typeTypeFieldThe content type of a tiddler
listListFieldAn ordered list of tiddler titles associated with a tiddler
captionCaptionFieldThe text to be displayed on a tab or button

Other fields used by the core are:

Field NameReferenceDescription
colorColorFieldThe CSS color value associated with a tiddler
descriptionDescriptionFieldThe descriptive text for a plugin, or a modal dialogue
draft.ofDraftOfFieldFor draft tiddlers, contains the title of the tiddler of which this is a draft
draft.titleDraftTitleFieldFor draft tiddlers, contains the proposed new title of the tiddler
footerFooterFieldThe footer text for a wizard
libraryLibraryFieldIf set to "yes" indicates that a tiddler should be saved as a JavaScript library
nameNameFieldThe human readable name associated with a plugin tiddler
plugin-priorityPluginPriorityFieldA numerical value indicating the priority of a plugin tiddler
plugin-typePluginTypeFieldThe type of plugin in a plugin tiddler
sourceSourceFieldThe source URL associated with a tiddler
subtitleSubtitleFieldThe subtitle text for a wizard

The TiddlyWebAdaptor uses a few more fields:

Field NameReferenceDescription
bagBagFieldThe name of the bag from which a tiddler came
revisionRevisionFieldThe revision of the tiddler held at the server

See the Advanced > Tiddler Fields tab of the control panel for details of the fields used in this wiki.