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Funding TiddlyWiki

 4th December 2022 at 4:56pm

TiddlyWiki is more useful to everybody if it is free to use, with no financial barriers to long term adoption. It is not altruism; we believe that removing or reducing barriers to adoption will help to ensure TiddlyWiki's future by making the community larger and stronger.

Nonetheless, TiddlyWiki is a relatively big, complex machine that requires a significant amount of ongoing work to maintain and improve. Some community infrastructure also requires monthly fees to operate (notably the TiddlyWiki forum).

The people in the community that do the work have widely varying needs:

  • At one end, a good proportion of the work on TiddlyWiki is performed by community members on a purely voluntary basis. For those people, the satisfaction of helping others is sufficient reward. Indeed, for many people, unpaid voluntary activities are a satisfying antidote to everyday paid work
  • At the other extreme, JeremyRuston and some other contributors are trying to make a full-time living working on TiddlyWiki by offering commercial products and services around it
  • In between, there are other people who would appreciate an ocassional token to reward them for their work

To support these needs in the community, we have two initiatives:

  • We use Open Collective to collect donations for the infrastructure costs of the Community and to crowdfund specific developments by individuals or organisations
  • The TiddlyWiki Marketplace provides a shop window for individuals and organisations offering commercial products and services