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Installing TiddlyWiki on Node.js

 15th November 2022 at 11:08pm
  1. Install Node.js
    • Linux:
      apt install nodejs
      May need to be followed up by:
      apt install npm
      Arch Linux
      yay -S tiddlywiki
      (installs node and tiddlywiki)
    • Mac
      brew install node
    • Android
    • Other
  2. Open a command line terminal and type:
    npm install -g tiddlywiki
    If it fails with an error you may need to re-run the command as an administrator:
    sudo npm install -g tiddlywiki (Mac/Linux)
  3. Ensure TiddlyWiki is installed by typing:
    tiddlywiki --version
    • In response, you should see TiddlyWiki report its current version (eg "5.3.5". You may also see other debugging information reported.)
  4. Try it out:
    1. tiddlywiki mynewwiki --init server to create a folder for a new wiki that includes server-related components
    2. tiddlywiki mynewwiki --listen to start TiddlyWiki
    3. Visit in your browser
    4. Try editing and creating tiddlers
  5. Optionally, make an offline copy:
    • click the save changes button in the sidebar, OR
    • tiddlywiki mynewwiki --build index

The -g flag causes TiddlyWiki to be installed globally. Without it, TiddlyWiki will only be available in the directory where you installed it.

If you are using Debian or Debian-based Linux and you are receiving a node: command not found error though node.js package is installed, you may need to create a symbolic link between nodejs and node. Consult your distro's manual and whereis to correctly create a link. See github issue 1434.

Example Debian v8.0: sudo ln -s /usr/bin/nodejs /usr/bin/node

You can also install prior versions like this:
npm install -g tiddlywiki@5.1.13