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Serving TW5 from Android

 7th May 2020 at 11:29am

Termux is and open source android application providing limited Unix environment enabling users to install Node.js and npm modules in android. Users can install and run TiddlyWiki on Node.js using Termux.


apt update
apt upgrade
apt install nodejs
npm install -g tiddlywiki
  • If you need to create/serve TiddlyWiki on Node.js from the internal storage, you need to give termux storage permission by running the following command in termux
  • Now you can create and serve TiddlyWiki on Node.js from internal storage. In the example given below, user is creating a new wiki called "mynewwiki" in his internal folder.
cd storage/shared
tiddlywiki mynewwiki --init server
tiddlywiki mynewwiki --listen
  • Visit in your browser
  • From then on, as long as Termux is not closed, you may access your wiki anytime from your favourite Web browser pointing on the expected address and port.

In Termux, you may as well install git, emacs or vi, in order to edit and maintain individual tiddler files. This would probably require that you also attach a more powerful keyboard to your Android, like the Hacker's Keyboard application or a Bluetooth external device.