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Installing official plugins on Node.js

 17th June 2022 at 1:23pm

Follow these instructions when using TiddlyWiki with a client-server Node.js configuration:

  1. Identify the plugins you want to install using the Plugins tab of (don't install the plugins from here, though)
    • Plugins are identified by their type (ie language, theme or plugin) and their publisher and title. For example, the plugin $:/plugins/tiddlywiki/internals is referred to as tiddlywiki/internals
  2. Quit the server if it is running
  3. Edit the file (it is in JSON format) and locate the plugins, themes or languages section (see below)
  4. Add entries corresponding to the plugins you wish to add
    • Take care to retain commas to separate items
    • Do not terminate the last item in a list with a comma
  5. Restart the server
	"plugins": [
	"themes": [
    "languages": [

An overview of working with plugins can be found at Plugins.
Also see: Installing custom plugins on Node.js.