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7th July 2017 at 11:15am


The link catcher widget traps WidgetMessage: tm-navigate dispatched within its child content by performing any or all of these actions:

  • sending a different widget message
  • setting a tiddler to the title of the navigated tiddler
  • setting a tiddler to a specified value
  • performing a series of ActionWidgets

Content and Attributes

The content of the <$linkcatcher> widget is displayed normally.

toOptional title of the tiddler to be set to the title of the navigated tiddler
messageOptional identifier for a widget message to be sent when a navigation is caught
setOptional title of the tiddler to be set to a specified value when navigation occurs
setToValue to be assigned by the set attribute
actionsActions to be performed when a link is caught. Within the action string, the variable "navigateTo" contains the title of the tiddler being navigated. New in: 5.1.23 the modifier variable lists the modifier keys that are pressed when the action is invoked. The possible modifiers are ctrl, ctrl-alt, ctrl-shift, alt, alt-shift, shift and ctrl-alt-shift