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 20th November 2020 at 3:49pm


Introduced in v5.1.23 The log widget can be used to output debugging information to the JavaScript console supported by most browsers.

For use with ActionWidgets see ActionLogWidget which uses identical parameters

Content and Attributes

The log widget is invisible. Any content within it is ignored. Note that the widget will log to the console both when it is first rendered and also every time it refreshes.

When the widget is rendered, the names and values of all attributes are logged to the JavaScript console. In addition there are optional attributes that can be used:

Optional AttributeDescription
$$filterAll variables matching this filter will also be logged.
$$messageA message to display as the title of the information logged. Useful when several log widgets are used in sequence.
$$allSet to "yes" to log all variables in a collapsed table. Note that if there is nothing specified to log, all variables are always logged instead.


Here is an example of logging two variables:

<$log myVar=<<myVar>> otherVar=<<otherVar>>/>

To log all variables:

<$log />

To log two variables as well as all core variables (which start with tv-):

<$log myVar=<<myVar>> other={{!!status}} $$filter="[prefix[tv-]]"/>