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21st June 2015 at 6:21pm
TiddlyWiki on Node.js

MultiTiddlerFiles allow multiple tiddlers to be concisely represented in a single text file.

The goals of this format are:

  • To be easy to type and easy to read
  • Optimised for single line strings
  • To allow common fields or tags to be shared within groups of tiddlers
  • To be simple to process with external tools

MultiTiddlerFiles have the extension multids. The file is structured as a block of shared fields followed by a blank line. The rest of the file is a sequence of comments and tiddlers. Tiddlers are specified by their title, followed by a colon, at least one space character, and then the rest of the line is the text field for the tiddler.

For example:

title: $:/language/ControlPanel/
tags: strings
modifier: JoeBloggs

Basics/Caption: Basics
# This is a comment
Basics/Version: ~TiddlyWiki Version

This example defines two tiddlers, $:/language/ControlPanel/Basics/Caption and $:/language/ControlPanel/Basics/Version.

If a title field is specified in the header then it is treated as a prefix for the individual tiddlers defined in the title.

Syntax Specification


Header LineBlank LineTiddler Descriptor LineComment Line

Header Line

Identifier:WhitespaceValueNew Line

Tiddler Descriptor Line

File Path:WhitespaceTiddler TitleNew Line

Comment Line

#TextWhitespaceNew Line