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Saving on TiddlySpot

7th May 2020 at 8:29pm
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TiddlySpot is a free hosting service for TiddlyWiki documents from Simon Baird and Daniel Baird.

Setting up a TiddlyWiki on TiddlySpot

To set up a TiddlyWiki Classic, you merely create a new wiki at

TiddlyWiki5 on TiddlySpot

TiddlyWiki5 also functions well on TiddlySpot but this version is not offered directly in the TiddlySpot set-up.

The simplest way to create a new TiddlySpot with TiddlyWiki5 is probably through the community created site

Alternatively, you can upload an existing TiddlyWiki5 document from your local disc to TiddlySpot by following these steps:

  1. Sign up for a new wiki at, and remember the wiki name and password
  2. Open your locally stored TiddlyWiki document in your browser
  3. Fill in the TiddlySpot wikiname and password in Saving tab of the control panel
  4. Click the save changes button. You should get a confirmation notification at the top right saying Saved wiki. Saving can take several seconds if you're on a slow connection or working with a large wiki.
  5. Navigate to your TiddlySpot URL at http://{wikiname}

Note that your password is sent unencrypted when using TiddlySpot. From

Is Tiddlyspot secure?

No. Tiddlyspot does not use SSL/https. Your password is sent in clear text when uploading and when authenticating to access a private site. This means that your Tiddlyspot is vulnerable to packet sniffing and your password could be discovered by a malicious third party. Also your data is transmitted unencrypted when you view your site, even if it is a private site. For this reason please don't put sensitive information such as banking details in your Tiddlyspot and don't use a password that you use for other high security sites.

Problems with saving on TiddlySpot

In case you run into this error when uploading a new or freshly upgraded local TiddlyWiki to TiddlySpot :

Error while saving:

Error:NS_ERROR_DOM_BAD_URI: Access to restricted URI denied

The upgrade operation falls foul of a security restriction in Firefox. Until this can be resolved, we suggest using Chrome.

    1. Use Chrome to open the local TiddlyWiki document you want to upload to TiddlySpot and follow the steps 1 through 5 described above
    2. Once you've checked the TiddlySpot-hosted TiddlyWiki loads properly in Chrome, you should be able to access, edit and save using TiddlyFox again
  • After you've uploaded your local document once, further editing and saving of the online version hosted on TiddlySpot should work with any modern browser of your choice.
    • Don't forget to fill in the TiddlySpot wikiname and password in your TiddlySpot TiddlyWiki control panel for any new browser you want to use for saving changes
  • See also : Upgrading