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Using Excise

 5th May 2023 at 10:42am

Excise text

From the EditorToolbar you can export selected text to a new tiddler and insert a link, Transclusion or macro in its place. Click Excise text (), input name of the new tiddler, and choose excise method.

How to excise text

  1. Highlight the relevant piece of text
  2. Click Excise text ()
  3. Give the new tiddler a title.
  4. Choose if the new tiddler will be tagged with the title of the current tiddler (see note below).
  5. Choose replacing method: link, transclusion, or macro.
  6. Click the Perform excision button

Note! If you choose the option to Tag new tiddler with the title of this tiddler, the new tiddler will be tagged with the name of the current tiddler before it has been edited. If you have changed the title of the current tiddler, save it first and edit it again to perform excision with this option.