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Using TiddlyWiki for GitHub project documentation

12th September 2014 at 2:15pm
TiddlyWiki on Node.js

TiddlyWiki5 can be used to produce documentation for GitHub projects. It lets you maintain a single set of documentation as a TiddlyWikiFolder containing separate tiddler files under source code control, and then use it to produce files for inclusion in project folders, or HTML files for storage in GitHub Pages. Both features are demonstrated by TiddlyWiki5 itself.

Generating files

When displaying the contents of a folder GitHub will look for a file and display it. Note that it will not display full HTML files in this way, just static MarkDown files (this is a security measure). Happily MarkDown permits a safe subset of HTML, and thus to generate a file that is suitable for GitHub it is just necessary for TiddlyWiki5 to generate the content of the <body> element of an HTML document, and give it the appropriate filename.

This is done with this command:

--rendertiddler ReadMe ./ text/html

It saves the tiddler ReadMe to the file ./ in the text/html format.

By default, tiddler links will be rendered as <a> links to a relative URI consisting of the title of the tiddler. This behaviour can be overridden by defining the macro tv-wikilink-template, as is done at the top of the tiddler ReadMe:

\define tv-wikilink-template()$uri_doubleencoded$.html

See the LinkWidget for more details.

In this example, tiddler links are rendered as links to the static rendering of