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Utility Classes

 10th October 2022 at 7:42am

Introduced in v5.2.4 The following outlines a few predefined CSS classes intended to make it simpler to style HTML block-elements and wikitext tables.

General Utility Classes

tc-centerCentres a block-element to the middle of the container
tc-max-width Expands a block-element to use the maximum width of the container
tc-max-width-80Sets the width of a block-element to use 80% of the maximum container width. This setting is useful with the tc-center class
tc-edit-max-width Expands TextWidgets to use the maximum available width. See ControlPanel -> Info -> Basics
tc-first-link-nowrapEnsures that any links in the first table column will never wrap to the next line

Table Utility Classes

tc-table-no-borderRemoves the borders of a table
tc-first-col-min-widthThe first column of a table will take up minimal possible width. It adapts to the content