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stringify Operator

 29th October 2017 at 3:51pm
purposeapply JavaScript string encoding to a string
inputa selection of titles
suffixR = New in: 5.1.23 optionally, the keyword rawunicode
outputthe input with JavaScript string encodings applied
Learn more about how to use Filters New in: 5.1.14

The following substitutions are made:

Carriage return (0x0d)\\rAlways
Line feed (0x0a)\\nAlways
Backspace (0x08)\\bAlways
Form field (0x0c)\\fAlways
Tab (0x09)\\tAlways
Characters from 0x00 to 0x1f\\x## where ## is two hex digitsAlways
Characters from 0x80 to 0xffff\\u#### where #### is four hex digitsIf rawunicode suffix is not present (default)
Characters from 0x80 to 0xffff New in: 5.1.23 UnchangedIf rawunicode suffix is present

New in: 5.1.23 If the suffix rawunicode is present, Unicode characters above 0x80 (such as ß, ä, ñ or 🎄) will be passed through unchanged. Without the suffix, they will be substituted with \\u codes, which was the default behavior before 5.1.23.

Technical note: Characters outside the Basic Multilingual Plane, such as 🎄 and other emojis, will be encoded as a UTF-16 surrogate pair, i.e. with two \u sequences.

Also see the jsonstringify Operator.