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subfilter Operator (Examples)

 30th October 2021 at 10:34pm

Literal filter parameters can be used, but such cases are better rewritten without using subfilter:

[subfilter[one two three]addsuffix[!]]
→ same as one two three +[addsuffix[!]]

The subfilter operator can be used to dynamically define parts of a filter run. This is useful for sharing a common pieces of a filter across multiple filters.

For example, this variable:

  • recent-mods: [has[modified]!sort[modified]limit[5]]

can be used in one filter like this:

[tag[Filter Operators]subfilter<recent-mods>addsuffix[!]]
→ same as [tag[Filter Operators]has[modified]!sort[modified]limit[5]addsuffix[!]]

and in another similar filter like this:


Variables are not the only way to define dynamic subfilters. Text references can be used to load a subfilter from a tiddler field (see also Filter Parameter):