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Building TiddlyWikiClassic

12th September 2014 at 2:16pm
TiddlyWiki on Node.js

TiddlyWiki5 can be used to build older 2.x.x versions of TiddlyWikiClassic from their constituent components. Doing so involves these features:

  • The tiddlywiki/classictools plugin, containing a deserializer module which allows tiddlers to be loaded from TiddlyWiki 2.x.x .recipe files
  • The stripcomments format for the ViewWidget, which strips single line JavaScript comments starting //#
  • The stripTitlePrefix='yes' attribute of the FieldsWidget, which removes prefixes wrapped in curly braces from the title attribute
    • For example, {tiddler}HelloThere would be transformed to HelloThere


TiddlyWikiClassic is built from the command line by running TiddlyWiki on Node.js. A typical usage would be:

node ../../tiddlywiki.js \
	--verbose \
	--load <path_to_recipe_file> \
	--rendertiddler $:/core/templates/tiddlywiki2.template.html <path_to_write_index_file> text/plain \
	|| exit 1