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How to build a TiddlyWiki5 from individual tiddlers

12th September 2014 at 2:16pm
TiddlyWiki on Node.js

First install TiddlyWiki as described in Installing TiddlyWiki on Node.js.

  1. Create an empty TiddlyWikiFolder
    1. Create a new folder in a convenient place (for example ~/MyWiki)
    2. Create a file called containing the following text:
      • {"themes": ["tiddlywiki/vanilla","tiddlywiki/snowwhite"]}
    3. Create a subfolder called tiddlers
      • Alternatively, just copy the editions/empty folder from the TiddlyWiki5 repo
  2. Create individual TiddlerFiles in the ~/MyWiki/tiddlers directory
  3. Execute the following command from the TiddlyWiki5 root directory to build a TiddlyWiki5 file from the tiddlers:
    1. tiddlywiki ~/MyWiki --rendertiddler $:/core/save/all index.html text/plain