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 29th November 2020 at 6:30pm

Each tiddler has a panel of additional information. To reveal it, click the button in the tiddler's toolbar and then choose info from the dropdown list.

The info panel has the following tabs:

  • Tools - This offers buttons for various actions you can perform on the tiddler. The checkbox next to each button lets you promote an action to the tiddler's toolbar - this will affect all of the tiddlers in your wiki
  • Backlinks, Tagging, List and Listed - These list various kinds of related tiddlers. See Using links to navigate between tiddlers
  • Fields - This summarises all of the tiddler's fields, except for text
  • Advanced - This indicates whether the tiddler is a shadow. If it is, this also reveals which plugin it comes from and whether it has been overridden by an ordinary tiddler

To close the info panel, click anywhere outside it.