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Using links to navigate between tiddlers

 29th November 2020 at 6:30pm

You can use links (normally displayed as blue text) to navigate from one tiddler to another. Clicking on a link to any tiddler will take you to that tiddler. If the tiddler is closed, it will be opened. The wonderful thing about TiddlyWiki is that it makes links to tiddlers as accessible as possible. There are links everywhere! Here are the key places where you can find links to tiddlers in TiddlyWiki:

  • You can create a link to a tiddler, whether it exists yet or not, in the body of any tiddler. See Linking in WikiText to see the various easy ways to create links between tiddlers.
  • Each tag pill in your tiddler (such as the Working with TiddlyWiki tag pill below the title of this tiddler) contains a link to that tag's tiddler, as well as lists of all the tiddlers that carry that tag. This lets you go to any of those tiddlers.
  • The InfoPanel of each tiddler gives you access to four tabs containing additional lists of related tiddlers:
    • The Backlinks tab lists all the tiddlers that link to the current tiddler.
    • The Tagging tab lists all the tiddlers that have been tagged with the current tiddler's title.
    • The List tab lists all the tiddlers (or potential tiddlers) mentioned in the list field of the current tiddler.
    • The Listed tab lists all the tiddlers that mention the current tiddler in their list fields.
  • The sidebar tabs contain numerous lists of links to tiddlers:
    • The Open tab lists all the tiddlers that are currently open, i.e. visible somewhere on the page.
    • The Recent tab lists the 100 most recently modified tiddlers, beginning with the most recently modified.
    • The More tab offers eight additional lists of tiddlers:
      • All lists all tiddlers in alphabetical order.
      • Tags lists all the tags. You can click on the pill for any tag to access a list of the tiddlers tagged with that tag.
      • Missing lists any tiddlers that don't yet exist, but have been linked to from other tiddlers. This is helpful for finding tiddlers you planned to create, but never got around to.
      • Drafts lists any tiddlers that are currently in draft mode. TiddlyWiki considers a tiddler's draft to be a separate tiddler for as long as you are editing it, so while you're editing a tiddler entitled Australia, there will be two tiddlers, Australia and Draft of 'Australia'. When you close the draft by saving your changes to it, those changes will be applied to the Australia tiddler. So treat the Drafts tab as a way of finding any unfinished drafts you started.
      • Orphans lists all the tiddlers that are not directly linked from another tiddler. This is a helpful aid to editing your file - it shows you which tiddlers need to be integrated more carefully with the others.
      • Types lists any tiddlers with special content, such as images or audio.
      • System lists all of the SystemTiddlers.
      • Shadows lists all of the ShadowTiddlers.
  • Search results are a list of the tiddlers that contain the text you type in the search box.
  • Finally, you can create your own custom lists of tiddlers by various methods:
    • You can transclude a filter (see Transclusion in WikiText). For example, adding {{{ [tag[mountain]] }}} to a tiddler will insert a list of all tiddlers tagged with mountain.
    • You can use the ListWidget. This is more complicated than transcluding a filter, but in return it allows you more flexibility in designing and displaying the list exactly as you want it to appear.